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Ombeline Chardes


She started to play the violin at the age of 8 and continued at the Conservatoire de Paris XII with Jean-Pierre Sabouret. She graduated from the class of Arielle Gill and got her DEM of violin and music theory. At the age of 19, Ombeline decided to expand her musical horizon; she joined the Jazz band of Laurent
Cugny and the Jazz department in violin and writing/orchestration/arrangement. Following her Bachelor Degree in Musicology, she started learning the piano and singing at the Conservatoire.
She also started attending a writing class and studied composition, orchestration and arrangement and the Renaissance counterpoint. Ombeline composes instrumental music as well as scores for films, documentaries and commercials. She also composes music for performances (theater, dance and
circus) or music with lyrics to various projects. She has also performed with different Mariachi bands in Mexico.

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